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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Principled Baker

Almost any bread dough can be broken into small piece and cooked quickly on a griddle
or pan. A mixture of sunflower oil and butter, or olive oil is usually a personal choice for giving these breakfast treats a golden crust.

This morning, three eggs were beaten lightly with one mashed banana.
Enough flour (with raising agent, or use self raising flour) was
added to make a dropping consistency... less fluid than for pancakes
and not as firm as is usual for scones.
A handful of dried currants made the mixture sweeter.

Spoonfuls of the mixture were
dropped into spelt and then fried quickly on each side.

When baking with this method,
turning down the heat and covering the bread with a saucepan lid
or upturned deep baking tray keeps moisture in and encourages the
bread to rise.

If you know your bread-making principles,
you will be able to make infinite variations
on this recipe based on your own taste.

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