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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Making Mincemeat

My husband spends many meals singing the praises of Neven Maguire.

All his recipes work and there is always some surprise element that keeps the diners guessing and buoys up conversation on a cold evening in December.

In the title bar is Neven's recipe for mincemeat. I tend to wait until the few days before Christmas and make this delicacy fresh. Some prefer to start some batches off earlier in the month and lay it down like a fine port.

Whatever your preference, nothing beats homemade mincemeat.
Proportions can be adjusted to individual taste.
Spices can be very carefully balanced and add to the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen.

One trick I find always pleases visitors...
Make a Tarte Tatin, carmelising the apples in the usual way, but adding a goodly jar of mincemeat spread over the fruit before you add the pastry crust.

It's wonderful...

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David T. Macknet said...

Ooh, LOVE mincemeat, although we make ours vegetarian, so it's a "fruit-mince." Yum!