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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fruity Wafer Thins

The "Wafers" are made with organic crisped rice, which are like pale, unsweetened rice crispies.

Beat 1 egg and add 1 grated apple and some cinnamon.
Add some oil, just enough to make a bit of flavour but not enough to have the result too heavy.
Then some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Add enough crisped rice to absorb the liquids quickly and about 2 oz self raising flour.
None of this was measured exactly, so just make your own proportions.

Put onto an oiled Swiss roll tin and spread out very thinly.

Bake, starting at about gas 6 and putting down to 4 after about five minutes.
I put the temperature up and down a bit during baking, so that the wafers got a bit of colour.
They could end up a dull and unappetising buff shade otherwise.

Hope you all like this.

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