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Monday, October 15, 2007

Tea Brack

This is a very good Tea Brack Recipe from the 1960's.

It may be a bit sweet for contemporary tastes,
but adding less sugar is an option.

It cuts very easily,
probably because the
fruit swells in the tea overnight.

~ Soak 1 pound of mixed dried fruit,
1 oz Glacé Cherries
some Candied Peel (to taste)
8 oz Sugar

~ in 1 large Breakfast Cup (a mug will do)
of Tea overnight.

~ Next day
Mix in

1 large Egg, well beaten
1 pound Self Raising Flour

Bake at Gas 4 for up to 75 minutes,

If you make two loaves the baking time will be about an hour,
though check along the way as air humidity makes baking time vary.

Glaze with a mixture of sugar and water just after baking, while still hot.


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