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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MyBlogLog Biscuits

Gradually the culinary advantages of having
joined MyBlogLog are evident. This lively
community of bloggers, posters and creative
business folk have links on every subject
under the Sun.

Patched-Up should stand up and take
a bow.

The cookie recipes are inspiring.
Photos taken at different levels
in the oven make the baker remember
the importance of placing cakes and
biscuits in a suitable area for
optimum cooking.


patched-up said...

hey firstly, thank you very much for dropping by.. the power of the internet is really a great advantage.. thank you for ur kind words regarding my recipe, i really appreciate it. thanks once again for dropping by and do come by more often.. see u around!

The Fruity Cook said...

A pleasure. Thanks for your post.