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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lazy Afternoon

Wishiwerebaking posts in the
Blogger stable.

Go there.

Find amazingly clear instructions
for making
Pumpernickle Bread.


DaviMack said...

But did you make it? And was it ... German or American Pumpernickel?

We're going to get use of our pound of caraway seeds, because we've been informed that, although they first came to love German Pumpernickel in Germany, they now prefer ... American Pumpernickel. Sigh.

The Fruity Cook said...

Certainly a puzzler. I make a variation of Pumpernickel that has cinnamon and cardamom, which probably gives an Indian flavour.

The first Pumpernickel I tried was made in France and had potato in the recipe, which gave a very moist bread.

I haven't made your version... yet...

Many thanks for the feedback.

DaviMack said...

I don't know - it may not be giving it an Indian flavour, but may just be giving it A flavour. The real deal Pumpernickel (and I don't claim to have made it) cooks at a very low temperature & gets its color from caramelization of starches in the flour. It also gets its flavors from that same process, and is apparently quite a unique thing.

I cheated, by using a sourdough, and letting the sourdough really develop strongly. I just didn't know about letting a loaf cook for 12 hours, you know?

Keep on baking!

The Fruity Cook said...

You've really got me interested in this topic. There are some very strong traditions when it comes to making a "correct" pumpernickel. French "pain de mie" seems to be similar.