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Friday, March 14, 2008

I may as well share this comment...

that I have just posted on another blog.

"A great pudding.

We have a grand old Bramley in our garden, so shall try your recipe when the time comes.

I was also recently impressed to hear about the great British rhubarb triangle which has produced some of the finest recipes of our age."

Everyone should try growing a bramley in their garden.
It is an enormous tree when left to its own devices as ours
has been. No dwarfing rootstocks were available when it was planted
long before we took over this suburban plot. In deference to its age,
I planted some of the best pollinators I could find to keep it company
and although it persists in biennial bearing, which is often the nature of the beast,
it seems to have responded quite happily to its new companions.

There is nothing like the sharp green scent of a true Bramley on
a warm Autumn Day. This thought is keeping me warm.


Ginny said...

What is a Bramley? I've never heard of it before. More importantly, what does it taste like?

DaviMack said...

Ooooh! Bramley apples are yummy, if they're at all like the sauce made from them! I've had their juice, as well, from the local Tesco - yummy!