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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Internation Women's Day Cook-Up

It's lovely to be invited to cook for an Internet Challenge.

Bravo! to Zorra who has set up a great event for
8 March.

Cook Yellow Food, upload a photo, and you'll be
on the pig's back.

All genders are welcome.

International Women's Day


DaviMack said...

Please enlighten me: why would I want to be on the pig's back? I notice, also, that it's "the" pig, not "a" pig ... so it's a particular pig? Not just any pig, but ... one specially suited to riding? ;)

The Fruity Cook said...

This is an old Celtic expression (ask some gaelic speaking Scots). "Ar muin na mhuice" means to be on a winning streak or to be very lucky.