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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Awards and Food

How to categorise Food Blogs?

The Irish Blog Awards have a month of lively debate,
before the final judgement on 1 March.

If you feel like describing your ideal food blog,
feel free to post in the Comment box here.

My idea of a perfect Food Blog is one with plenty
of baking tips.

Ice Cream is also a very poplular topic,
though I have to admit that the Italian
brigade have the most colourful presentation when
it comes to main courses.

Must rush...

Have to take some molasses and pear upside down cake
out of the oven.

And it's true, molasses are very, very slow in January.


DaviMack said...

One with useful advice about recipes, and not one that focuses upon the trendy chefs, nor their silly recipes. I want real cooking, real people, and not a whole lot of glitz.

The Fruity Cook said...

Glitz is part of the contemporary food scene, I think.

Though when I see some cookery programmes on TV, I agree that a sense of reality would be welcome.