Afternoon Tea The Fruity Cook: Tea Brack Treat for World Bread Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tea Brack Treat for World Bread Day

Cézanne used take an age to set up
his paintings of apples and other fruit.

Having spent some time foostering with
the Still Life here, I can see why.

Happy World Bread Day!

World Bread Day '07


DaviMack said...

I'm going to guess that's a bowl, hiding beneath your Brack? It looks somewhat like a flan....

The Fruity Cook said...

It's a bit of an optical illusion, I grant you. I'll look more closely at it and try to work it out on the Shortsights blog. In fact it's a large oval plate.

DaviMack said...

To prop up the loaf & show it to its best advantage, I'm sure. Is there any of it left, in your house? Our banana bread is currently meeting with a very ... well, not grisly fate, but rapidly diminishing state - it's probably going to be gone by tomorrow. Sigh.

The Fruity Cook said...

Polished off the last loaf today. These baking challenges are a very good idea.

zorra said...

So I will bake this for Haloween!
Thx for joining WBD.