Afternoon Tea The Fruity Cook: Yeast

Friday, July 13, 2007


The loaves photographed this evening were made with yeast.
Traditionally Irish Soda Bread has been a staple food,
but I enjoy the drama of having bread rise over time in
the kitchen. The smoother looking loaf is a light form
of pumpernickel, not sourdough, so it's a bit of a cheat.
Strong white flour and rye flour, in half and half proportions,
give a fine result.

This week I bought fresh yeast from my local baker
and added just a touch of dried, packet yeast, as the
improvers in the more commercial product help the
dough to rise that bit

The rougher looking bread was started as a very
plain white loaf, with just yeast and water.
After the first rising, grated carrot in orange juice,
raisins, ground almonds, honey and grape seed oil, along
with one beaten egg, turned it into a very rich loaf.

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